Hapara Premium Subscription

Hapara Premium Subscription

  • Hapara Premium subscriptions include Dashboard, Workspace, Highlights and Analytics, plus setup and support
  • It also includes Professional Learning (PL) services, and faster response time support
  • Subscriptions are per student (not per device) and per year
  • 1 year or multi-year subscriptions available

Hapara provides visible, differentiated and secure instructional management for K12 online learning.


Hapara Dashboard

Hapara Dashboard makes productivity tools like Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365 for Education more useful and usable.


Teachers can:

  • Organise learners into groups and observe their progress in summary panels
  • Quickly share documents with learners (GAFE only)
  • Provide formative feedback as it is needed
  • Provide parents with view-only access to project work (GAFE only)


Hapara Highlights

Hapara Highlights promotes learning by enabling teachers to view and facilitate their online activities in the classroom.


Teachers can:

  • Reinforce positive individual and group behavior and promote digital citizenship
  • Focus individual and groups of learners on specific online resources and work
  • Provide more personalised help to keep learners on track
  • Quickly share documents or useful URLs


Hapara Workspace

Hapara Workspace enables teachers to efficiently create activities with pathways based on learner needs and interests.


Teachers can:

  • Quickly develop and share assignments with learners and fellow teachers
  • Organise learners into groups and track their progress on different activities
  • Provide formative feedback on work-in-progress
  • Customise assignments to meet learner needs


Hapara Analytics

Hapara Analytics enables districts to measure and track the impact of technology adoption on learning experiences.


With Analytics District Decision Makers can:

  • View learner engagement and equity
  • See what is going well, and uncover areas for improvement
  • Gain better visibility into learning without the risk of spying on browser activity
  • Uncover trends in learner engagement with easy to read graphs and charts

(Notes: G Suite only. Analytics included with Premium; granular Advanced Analytics not incl.)


Hapara Professional Learning

Hapara Professional Learning Facilitators are experienced educators and edtech integrators who have extensive classroom teaching experience and teacher professional learning experience.


Our Facilitators:

  • Provide tools training that integrates Hapara into classrooms
  • Offer pedagogically driven instructional training
  • Foster a growth mindset, enabling teachers to make meaningful and sustainable shifts to digital teaching and learning

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